Respect, Creativity, Responsibility and Resilience.


The Mathematic program at Berwick Chase is designed to prepare students with an understanding of how maths is used in everyday life, and to develop the skills to be able to put this into practice. Maths is not solely working with numbers. It encompasses measurement, geometry, statistics and probability. Our aim is for students to be problem solvers who have the confidence to engage in Maths.

Students are given tasks that focus on developing the required skills needed to explore math concepts in a deeper way through authentic rich tasks that allow them to search for patterns and relationships.  Students make connections with the prior learning and the world around them.

Students are:

  • taught the positive norms in the maths classroom
  • given frequent opportunities to formulate conjectures and support these with relevant examples or evidence
  • given the opportunity to work collaboratively
  • asked to develop multiple methods or processes for solving challenges
  • actively encouraged to share their learning and to respectfully challenge the thinking of others
  • supported to take risks with their learning and persist with challenging tasks so they develop resilience and a positive mindset.

Please view our other Mathematics sub-pages for further information about Mathematics and how you can support your child at home.