School Accountability

The school strategic plan enables everyone in the school community including students, parents and all staff, to know what the school is aiming to achieve over the next four years,  how it intends to achieve the goals and targets, the improvement strategies identified to support improvement.

Berwick Chase Primary School Annual Report 2018

Berwick Chase Primary School Strategic Plan

The Annual Implementation Plan describes how the key improvement strategies in the school strategic plan will be put into place and how they will be monitored. The annual implementation plan also incorporates other significant projects to be undertaken by the school in that year.

Berwick Chase Annual Implementation Plan

The Blueprint for Government Schools (2005) acknowledged “A strong accountability system dedicated to school improvement is the hallmark of any education system.”

The school strategic and annual implementation plan are key elements of the Victorian Department of Education’s Accountability framework.  It acknowledges that effective schools regularly evaluate school and student performance and use this to plan for the future.