Respect, Creativity, Responsibility and Resilience.


I am extremely grateful to be the principal of Berwick Chase Primary School. We have an excellent school that values each student for their individuality. We have highly skilled and caring staff and a dedicated and supportive school parent body. These key drivers are supported by quality buildings and learning resources. Our school has a focus on developing students who are literate, numerate, socially competent and connected.


Berwick Chase Primary School is committed to delivering a high-quality educational community that has an equal emphasis on both equity and excellence.  Our four values will be explicitly taught at an age-appropriate level throughout the students schooling.

Our four school values are

  • Respect
  • Creativity
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience

All students will learn and achieve to their full potential with a commitment to developing independent, responsible life-long learner who shape the world around them.

Berwick Chase Primary is headed for great success this year.  I am pleased that you are all on the journey with me.

Stay safe and be kind.

Chris Short
School Principal