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Berwick is located in one of Melbourne’s fastest growing municipalities.  In 2007, a submission for a new Primary School in the Berwick South community was proposed to cater for this growing population.  The development was to be located within the Chase Estate, Berwick South.

On April 26th 2007, the Planning Committee met at Hillsmeade Primary school in Narre Warren for their initial meeting.  Building began less than twelve months later, on January 15th, 2008.  The design of the school by architects Clark Hopkins Clark, as based on an environmentally sustainable model, which was both innovative and functional.

The school officially opened its doors in January 2009, with 16 staff and approximately 140 students.  Initially, staff included:  Murray Geddes (Principal), Megan Dell, (Assistant Principal), Lukas Carey, Greg Rollings, Di Fernand, Maria Aloizos, Katie Slacik, Kirsty Mann, Deb Loh and Sarah Fincham.  Early in 2009, Katie Little, Rachael Geerts, Talia Charalambides, Bec Campbell, Justine Grant, Kim Aitchison, Caren Bode, Eva Griffiths, Peggy Hartnett, Tracey Stockdale, and Paul Williams joined the staff to cater for the ever growing numbers.

During its inaugural year, Berwick Chase Primary School was awarded the School Design Award for best Primary School.

The formal school opening was attended by; the Hon Bronwyn Pike MP, Minister for Education, Judith Graley MP, Member for Narre Warren South, and Senator Jacinta Collins.