Every student has the capacity to learn.  As educators we believe that every learner has the ability to be successful. Within the school environment, we aim to maximise the child’s opportunities to succeed through adapting our teaching to the individual needs of the student. We believe that every child is unique and brings with them, their own personal stories and experiences.  We recognise that all students are different; they develop and learn at different rates. Together, with parents and the wider community, we endeavour to create lifelong learners, who are resilient, self responsible, deep thinkers, numerate, literate, ICT proficient and responsible, and creative. We assist each individual in the acquisition of core social values, such as honesty, respect and integrity, in our endeavour to create future citizens who are caring, compassionate, have global consciousness and are socially responsible.

Our open-planned buildings and learning commons provide a learning environment that is positive, supportive, stimulating, harmonious, and productive.  Think of an open-planned house; how there are less walls and a more open and welcoming environment. That is the same layout of our school. In the main building, each learning common can see other learning commons. Our portables follow the same philosophy by having no dividing walls in the middle. They are all flexible learning spaces with options as to where children feel comfortable to engage in learning for optimum productivity. For example, working at high tables, benches, cushions, tables, and lap desks. Staff offices are also open, enabling constant staff collaboration, planning and data reflection. Open-planned buildings ultimately promote independence, interdependence and self-motivation. This is all done to achieve one common goal- providing the best, most successful education for students.

Our student’s needs, backgrounds and interests are reflected in the learning program.  We have high expectations for all. We share a mutual understanding in our team teaching approach to children’s learning, to create consistency and deep learning across the school. Our students are challenged and supported to develop deep levels of thinking. High priority is given to the teaching and learning of Literacy and Numeracy.  This is reflected in the explicit teaching by all staff, where learning is both purposeful and enduring.

We provide opportunities for student centred learning, where student’s curiosity and passions are nurtured so they are motivated to learn.  Our role is to prepare students for future work opportunities that may or may not exist today. We aim for our students to be problem-solvers, responsible risk-takers, and future global citizens who are productive and effective communicators in the 21st century.