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Tips to Manage Online Issues

Is my child being cyberbullied?

This section provides links to practical tips to help parents manage online risks with young children.

Guide to Online Safety

Hints and tips for parents, teens and kids about operating safely in an online environment.

Mobile phone safety

The link offers helpful advice for parents, teens and kids to address the issues related to mobile phone use.

Socialising on the internet

Social networking is essential in most teenagers’ lives. This brochure provides tips for parents, teens and kids to help address issues and stay safe when social networking.

Top Ways Kids Hide Their Online Behavior From Parents

“This is the kind of article title that draws you in instantaeously. We all know that kids and adults live subterranean lives on the Web, cultivating multiple personas and living in many worlds. But parents are rightfully concerned—or at least intensely curious—about what their kids are doing and how they are hiding what they are doing from the adult world. There is no substitute for having a good relationship with your kids, and being able to talk to them about what is going on in their lives. But short of that, parents are doing detective work. Russ Werner cites in the following Huff Post article facts such as 53 percent of teens clear their browser history to keep web visits off the record, and 15 percent of teens create a private email address unknown to their parents. Read on for more ….”