Encouraging and Developing  Scientific Thinkers.

As of 2013, Science has been studied as a semester course at Berwick Chase. During this time, students build on their investigating and problem solving skills and learn to apply their new science understandings to real life scenarios and situations. They explore and challenge their curiosity through hands on experiments, observations, discussions and projects.  Students develop a greater appreciation of their world, how it works and their place within it.

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Family Science Nights at Berwick Chase

IMG_20160608_195735Twice a year, students come together with their families to show off their Science journals and to participate in a lot of different scientific investigations.

There are all sorts of interactive stations to demonstrate what students have been learning about, such as stations to show that Grade 3 and 4s had been learning about physical forces, plant life cycles and animal adaptations, and that Grade 5 and 6s have been learning about conducting static electricity and making battery circuits. Families are encouraged to participate in the activities, making an assortment of things including rainbow milk swirls with food dye and dishwashing liquid.

Our science teacher, Mrs Crampton, even performs a range of experiments, including making ‘Elephant toothpaste’ by mixing some pretty strong chemicals together!

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