Regulating emotions using The Zones of Regulation

zones of regulation

Here, at Berwick Chase Primary School, we are extremely fortunate to have a speech therapist and pscyhologist permanently based at our school. Tess and Cara work tirelessly with teachers, parents and students to support students’ growth beyond just the academics.

zones of regulation 2With their help, school-wide approaches have been adopted which include the Zones of Regulation.

The Zones of Regulation is a school wide social and emotional learning program designed to foster self-regulation. That is, students are able to identify the emotions that they (or others) are feeling, identify the matching zone they are subsequently in, determine if that emotion is suitable in the context (catastrophe scale), and, if not, how to bring themselves back to the ‘Green Zone’ using a range of techniques. For example…

zones of regulation strategies

Through teaching students to identify, interpret and manage their emotions, students also learn to…

  • demonstrate care and concern for others
  • establish and maintain positive relationships
  • make responsible decisions
  • and handle interpersonal situations effectively.

Research also shows that by implementing this program academic performance on standardized tests is signicantly improved as well as school attendance records and enjoyment of school. It also results in less disruptive behaviour and decreased likelihood of students being suspended or otherwise disciplined.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact the school or, alternatively if your child already attends BCPS, speak to your child’s teacher or Tess and Cara.

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