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The Maths program at Berwick Chase is designed to prepare students with an understanding of how Maths is used in everyday life and develop the skills to be able to put this into practice.

Maths is not solely working with numbers. It encompasses measurement, geometry, statistics and probability. Our aim is for students to be problem solvers who have the confidence to engage in Maths.

At Berwick Chase we follow the Michael Ymer philosophy that:


maths 2From Prep to Level 2, we “lay the foundation for learning mathematics. Students at this level can access powerful mathematical ideas relevant to their current lives and learn the language of mathematics, which is vital to future progression.”

From Level 3 to 6, we “emphasise the importance of students studying coherent, meaningful and purposeful mathematics that is relevant to their lives. Students still require active experiences that allow them to construct key mathematical ideas, but also gradually move to using models, pictures and symbols to represent these ideas.” (Ymer, 2015)

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