Across all levels of the school, an appreciation and love of literature is fostered during library sessions.

Coming to library, students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the magic of books. Whether it be fantasy, adventure, mystery or even space, the weather or another culture.

Library consists of each grade having a 1 hour session each week for half of the year where they read a book to support positive thinking, celebrations, particular themes or significant events. They then complete an activity which might consist of artwork, a project, poster or a writing task. For the other half of the year, classes have a library borrowing time each week to ensure they can continue utilising the resources in the library.

We have a huge range of books to choose from including all the latest picture story books and fictional novels. Every child is allowed to borrow two books to take home each week to share with members of their family.

Our library also participates in the Scholastic Book Fair and Book Character Dress Up Day as well as many other competitions throughout the year.

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