Respect, Creativity, Responsibility and Resilience.

Future Preps

What to expect on the first day of school?

All preps will arrive at 8.50 am. This allows the students to learn how to organise themselves for a 9.00 am start to their learning.

When you arrive at school on the first day, please take your child to their Learning Common and settle them into an activity or game.  Before leaving, please give your child a positive farewell, tell them you are going and that you (relative/friend) will pick them up from outside their classroom once school finishes.

The hot weather at the beginning of the year and the long days in a new environment can be overwhelming for Prep students. Staff and School Council have decided that attending shortened hours for the first few days would be beneficial. The 2pm finishing time gives children the opportunity to experience recess out in the playground and get used to eating lunch at school.

Early Years Evaluation (EYE) Screening

We pride ourselves on creating a vibrant and inclusive learning environment for all.

To assist us to get the best possible information required to meet each individual’s needs we conduct an Early Years Evaluation (EYE) Screen with every student who will be attending Prep at Berwick Chase Primary School to give us consistent reliable information. 

This screening helps to give our teachers an idea of each child’s strengths and challenges.  It will help teachers to better know the needs of all of the students in their care.

The categories in which the EYE assesses progress is:

  • Awareness of Self and Others
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Language and Communication
  • Physical Development
  • Fine and Gross motor skills

To ensure this is done in a timely manner the screenings take place from October in the year prior to starting school.  Each session runs for approximately 45 minutes and bookings are required. We will discuss dates/times with parents during transition.

Things To Help Me At School

  • Know where to meet Mum/Dad/Carer after school.
  • Tie up my own shoelaces.
  • Put my jumper and coat on and take them off.
  • Know that I must not leave the school grounds during school time.
  • Have my name on everything that I bring to school.
  • Wash my face and hands properly.
  • Be away from mum/dad without getting upset.
  • Use the school crossings if I need to cross the road. Children under 10 should be supervised by an adult.
  • Can go to the toilet without adult assistance.
  • Say my name, address and telephone number clearly.