Digital Technologies

2020 is the inaugural year of our Digi Tech Specialist at Berwick Chase.

Our society is immersed with digital devices and technologies – it’s an integral part of our work and personal lives.

The students of Berwick Chase are the children of this digital age and deserve to be equipped with the knowledge and skills that will not only help prepare them for the future, but allow them to develop the confidence to engage with this technology successfully and safely – now and in the future.

We are extremely excited to be welcoming the Grades 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s into our room this semester… With many exciting things planned. Our lessons are planned around the outcomes outlined in the Victorian Curriculum.

The Grade 3s will be learning how to use digital programs to record data and generate graphs, in addition to exploring robotics next term with the Dash & Dot robots.

The Grade 4s will be exploring their understanding of input and output peripheral devices and applying it to a unit on Lego Robotics. In term two, they will be looking closely at coding algorithms through digital platforms.

The Grades 5s will be learning about coding algorithms, working in teams to program robots to solve problems and sharing their learning through their classroom blog.

This term the Grade 6s will be looking at how we can use technology to live more sustainable lives. Next term they will be utilising laptops to develop their coding skills, applying their learning to create games. They will be regularly updating their grade’s blog to share their learning with their families.

All year levels will engage in and learn about how to interact safely online as part of our eSmart Schools Program over the course of the semester.

In the second half of the year we look forward to welcoming the Preps, Grade 1s and Grade 2s to Digital Technologies.

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