Kids’ Time

The ethos at Berwick Chase has been built on the provision of a supportive and challenging learning environment for all the students in our care and as an integral part of our student support services, we are so proud to offer individual sessions for children dealing with anxiety in ‘Kids Time’.

Some of the tasks we perform are:

  • Relaxation and slow breathing training
  • Assertiveness training
  • Dealing with anxiety
  • Social stories
  • Traditional talk therapy

These sessions are light and fun.

Anxiety isn’t a disease; it’s more of what I call a “mental misunderstanding”.

Most people don’t realise that anxiety and fear are the same emotional condition.

If you have any questions regarding this exciting addition to our student support services and think this is for your child/children, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Ben Leighton or Ms Nathalie Nelthropp.