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All about me – 3C

    The Grade 3s have been creating stories about themselves over Term 1. They have had to investigate many different things about themselves and their families to understand what is unique about them, and develop an understanding that everyone is different. This week, their stories went on display and each grade got to go and find out about the different Grade 3s that are part of the Berwick Chase community.

    3B’s Tee-ball Clinic

      On the very first day of our tee-ball clinic, we learnt how to strike. When we did the next lesson, we used tee-ball gloves to do some catching. Then in the last lesson, we used the gloves again and played a real game of tee-ball. 3A had to field first and we had to strike and then we swapped. We felt delighted.

      By Elisha Chand and Kareena Malli.