Level 2

2A Working Hard

Grade 1/2 Little Athletics Experience.

Students at Berwick Chase Primary School participate in a range of incursions. Recently the Grade 1’s and 2’s were able to experience activities run by Little Athletics Australia. Students enjoyed the experience of trying out shot put, relay and long jump activities. It was encouraging to see so many children supporting their classmates in ‘having a go’ and cheering each other on to personal success.

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Fun Times and Learning in Grade 1/2

Our Awesome Amigos have been working really hard with Recount writing.
They have enjoyed a variety of experiences during class time, which has given them some great writing prompts! This week we conducted a colourful science experiment involving food dye, milk, cotton buds and detergent! The kids activated their prior knowledge about Science experiments to come up with a prediction of what they thought we were going to be doing with these materials. The teachers thought we were going to be washing the dishes while drinking rainbow milk and cleaning our ears… but the kids thought that we were going to be making…

Zombie Potion

Rainbow Milk

or an Exploding Volcano!

The kids came up with some great past tense words to describe what happened to the food dye when the detergent came into contact with it. They said it…





Some children also saw pictures in the milk!

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Learning in Grade 1/2


In the Grade 1-2s this week, students have been learning about adding tens and hundreds to 2 digit numbers and showing the answer using MAB.

Students have been focusing on procedural texts in Writing as well as summarising in Reading.

By the ICT Captains, Jacob and Charlie

Mini Olympics

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On Thursday the 4th of August, the Preps, Grade 1’s and Grade 2’s took part in our ‘Mini-Olympics’ to celebrate the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Students represented their houses by dressing in their colours and took part in fun events
such as the sack race, relays, hurdles, ball toss, parachute games and vortex throwing. The activities were run by the 5/6 Captains, who did a great job of explaining the rules of the games and ensuring that everyone had a great time and was displaying sportsmanship.

A big thank you to the P.E. team for organising the day, as well as our 5/6 Captains, parents who helped cheer on our students and, most importantly, all of the students who gave it their all and displayed the Olympic spirit throughout the day!



Creativity and initiative at it’s best!


This is a picture of a girl in Grade 1/2 who came up with her own literacy activity to run with a group of peers this week! She asked her teachers, told them what she wanted to do and then she went and organised it all! 

We love to see students taking control of their learning, showing creativity, initiative and independence at the Chase, and this is just one great example of that occurring. Well done!