Performing Arts

Berwick Chase Primary School Lion King Production.

The details are as follows:

3/4’s Wednesday 15th November

5/6’s Thursday 16th November

Both start at 6pm in the school hall.

The students have been working all term on this production and it will be fantastic to see families coming along to support them on this day. All grades helped to choreograph their own moves for the class scenes. There is also a whole cast of kids who successfully gained roles as the main characters. They have spent all term learning their lines and actions.

Tickets will be available for purchase via Qker.



Our awesome grade 1 and 2’s took part in performing the movie ‘Moana’. Each grade performed a scene from the show. We even had a few students from each grade reciting lines for each of the characters like Moana, Maui and Te Fiti. It was a spectacular show and the kids did a great job helping to tell the story through their actions.

We had the amazing prep grades take part in a Disney Concert. All grades performed a song from a different Disney movie. We had ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Frozen’, Aladdin’, ‘Toy Story’, ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘The Lion King’. It was a wonderful night and the students looked adorable in their costumes moving along to the grade’s music.





At the Chase we offer a Performing Arts program to all students. Every grade is involved in the program for a semester each year. During this time they are immersed in a variety of activities that center around Drama, Dance and Music. Grades take part in various performances which are presented in different ways such as live at assembly, filmed for Newsgroups or even end of term School Production nights.

Performing Arts is a creative outlet for students to explore the elements of music, drama and dance. Students are actively involved in a range of experiences that help foster an appreciation for performing. The aim is to build student confidence and teamwork in a fun and friendly environment.

In Dance, students learn to move to the beat and follow sequential steps to music. They also work in teams to choreograph and perform short pieces to their peers.


As part of Music, students take part in singing songs, playing instruments both percussion and tuned, performing body percussion to keep a beat or show rhythm patterns, perform composed pieces and respond to what they enjoy and why.

During Drama, students are involved in games that build their improvising skills, including how to use their voice effectively, their use of facial expression to portray character feelings and appropriate use of body gestures. They take part in performing well known short plays as well as creating their own.

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