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Grade 5 Sport!

This term Grade 5 are participating in a round-robin style sports competition. Students get the opportunity to play a range of sports including: dodgeball, netball, kickball, volleystars and downball. Teams are a mixture of all the Grade 5 students, which provides students with the opportunity to make new friends while playing different sports. Check out some of these action shots.











Grade 5 Parliament Process Incursion

Yesterday the Grade 5 students participated in a Parliament Process Incursion by Linked Incursions. This fit beautifully with our current Inquiry unit focused on Australia’s democratic process, which involves looking at the roles of different levels of government and how a law is made.

Students participated in interactive role plays to help them understand our preferential voting system, absolute majorities and how laws are passed through the House of Representatives, before moving to the Senate.

Their speaking and listening skills were put to the test as different students took on different roles in Parliament, such as Speaker and Prime Minister.

Crazy Hair Day and School Disco

We had a busy week in Grade 5 last week with Crazy Hair day and the school Disco!  Students came to school on Wednesday the 8th of August with their wildest and wackiest hair styles in order to raise money for the Grade 6 Graduation later in the year.







Then Friday night saw the Grades 3 -6’s busting out their best dance moves at the Berwick Chase School Disco.





Excursion to watch The Wizard of Oz at Kambrya

Yesterday, Grade 5 and Grade 6 students ventured to Kambrya to watch their dress rehearsals of their new musical, The Wizard of Oz.

What can be said except WOW! The show blew students and staff away. It was incredible watching so many young, talented students take to the stage, many of them past students of Berwick Chase!

The singing, dancing and acting of all performers was incredible, as well as the hard work of the lights, sound, and backstage crew. The show went seamlessly and was overall, unbelievably impressive.

We’d all highly recommend going to watch the musical with your family!

Thank you to Kambrya for inviting us all to come and enjoy the show!
























Athletics Day!

Yesterday (24th May), the Grade 3-6s ventured to Casey Fields for Berwick Chase’s annual Athletics Day! Everyone was so grateful that the weather behaved itself so that students could run around and put their athleticism to the test.

It was a great day, filled with lots of laughs and fun!

Thank you to the teachers and parents for all of their hard work in making the day a success. In particular, thank you to the sports teachers who worked hard to ensure the day went off without a hitch!

Well done to everyone who participated and good luck to those continuing on to District Competitions.


Adam Wallace

On Thursday 10th May, the Grade 5-6s had the pleasure of welcoming Adam Wallace (children’s book author) into our classes to run workshops with the students.

Having visited us last year and deemed us to be one of his favourite schools, Adam offered up his services on this day for FREE!

His enthusiasm for writing and working with students was so palpable as all students stared in wonder and awe as they listened to him.

Adam engaged the students in creative exercises to foster narrative writing ideas. The students even got to draw one of Adam’s famous pictures with him!

Thank you so much Adam for coming to see us and helping us all with our writing ideas! We can’t wait to put them into practice!











Inquiry in Grade 5

This week in Inquiry, the students in Grade 5 have been busily exploring the events that shaped Australia’s colonies and the impact it had on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Students used a range of resources to investigate why people originally migrated to Australia in the 1700’s and what life was like for those early settlers when they first arrived. They also investigated what life was like for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples before European settlement.



































Grade 5/6 Lightning Premiership Training

Today the Grade 5/6 students began their training for their new Lightning Premiership sports, which include Softball, Soccer, Netball, or AFL.

Students had a great time playing some games today as an introduction to their sport, including playing ‘Piggy in the middle’ with a balloon and ‘Balloon Volleyball’ for netball training!

With many more weeks of training to come, our students will be ready to compete against other schools in the Lightning Premiership tournament at the end of the Term.

Cybersafety Incursion

Our Grade 5/6’s spent time last week with presenters from Project Rock IT! This was an incursion teaching us about using digital technologies, including online forums. Students participated in fun games and performances which tried to help us understand how to be safe online.

“They told us what to do if we were bullied online and that it’s important not to retaliate”

“If you come across something bad, you should screenshot it, close your iPad and show an adult.”