What’s been happening in 5/6D?


5/6D have been participating in ‘Lightning Prem’ which is when all of the 5/6’s compete in sports against other schools.

This term there have been four different options for us – AFL Football, Soccer, Netball and Softball. Every Friday this term we have been training really hard for the big carnival coming up on the 5th of June.

We are really pumped for the day! We’ve all enjoyed our amazing training and we are very excited to find out who is in our teams.

– Zoe, Sophia O and Lily


In Reading we have been learning about characterisation.

Characterisation is about the characters life and what they like, without the author telling us about the main character. Some stuff you can include in characterisation is the setting, their nemesis, their name and things like that.

Reading has a lot to it. People think that reading is the most boring subject in school but really it’s vomiting facts out and fake facts out. Fiction books are a part of your imagination. Reading is a part of your mind – you learn from reading! Reading can also refresh your mind from technology.

– Madeline, Jemma, Summer and Caroline


website 1On the 20th of April, 5/6D participated in the whole school Anzac Day ceremony. We were lucky enough to have each class at Berwick Chase make a wreath and present it to the school.

In our class we coloured in poppies for our Anzac Day wreath that we presented at our special assembly.

To raise awareness we read a book called ‘Meet the Anzacs’ which is about soldiers who participated in World War I. During this time we each wrote an ending to the story.

This is how we celebrated ANZAC Day in 5/6D.



We are reporting to you about our ‘Explain Everything’ CAT (Common Assessment Task) on length, area and perimeter.

The year 5s did it about shapes and we measured the perimeter and area of a rectangle. The grade 6s did a more complex project where we had to do conversions between lengths and more!!

It was a great challenge!!

– Owen, Hamid and Kyan


website 2In the last few weeks we have been playing darts for Maths – don’t worry, they’re magnetic ones! It has helped with our doubling, tripling and adding of numbers instantly.

website 3We have also enjoyed the chance to dress up and listen to ‘Chase The Sun’ (the theme song for darts).

We love playing darts with our class and look forward to continuing to practise our instant recall of doubles and triples whilst dressing up in weird costumes!


website 4In Inquiry this term we are focusing on Wellbeing. So far we have been discussing how we feel on a daily basis. Our key focuses are relationships, emotions and influences on students, teachers and families.

The main question we have that we want answered this term is ‘How do people’s lifestyle choices and practices effect their health?’

We are all very excited about starting our new Inquiry topic.

– Emily Pearson, Ruby Heathershaw, and Talitha Stewart

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