Social Skill for Weeks 3 & 4 – Active Listening

The social skill for the fortnight is displaying Active Listening. When we display Active Listening, we use our whole body to listen to each other and think about what the other person is saying. At Berwick Chase, we use Listening Larry as a way to demonstrate the different parts of the body we listen with.

Whole Body Listening Larry Poster

(Image taken from

Linking in with the Superflex characters that we use at Berwick Chase, when we display Active Listening we are defeating Energy Hare-y. Energy Hare-y gives you too much energy – when he invades you can’t help but to move around and fidget and he doesn’t think about how this may impact others around him. We can use our whole body listening strategies to defeat Energy Hare-y when he invades.

Energy Hare-y

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