National eSmart Week Activities

As part of our eSmart week program, the ICT department ran some great workshops with our students:

Preps and Grade 1s – Barefoot Goes Wild

This was a great workshop where students learnt about some of our native animals and then programmed an adapted Bee Bot to find their chosen animal’s habitat(s).

Grade 2s – Scratch Jnr on iPads

Students were able to explore a new type of coding with their choice of sprite (characters). They were then able to see their characters come to life depending on the commands they used.

Grade 4s – Lego Robotics

Students were able to construct working machines with Lego by following explicit instructions. They also got to experiment with coding to program their machine to move, light up and make sounds.

Grade 5s and Grade 6s – Scratch on laptops

Our senior students embraced the opportunity to tinker with the coding program Scratch. Many of them were able to teach their teachers a thing or two as well!

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