Judith Graley and Zoos Victoria visit to the Grade 5/6s

DSC_0187Today, all 5/6 students from Berwick Chase Primary School had the privilege of listening to Judith Graley (State Member of Parliament for Narre Warren South) and two zoo representatives (Pete and Gigi). They visited as part of our current Inquiry unit in class and discussed how we can help our world become a better place.

Judith talked about her experience in primary school and how she had tried to help African children living in famine. From there, she went on to explain her experiences in Parliament and how she got there again on the basis of trying to improve the wellbeing of people.


DSC_0191Following this, Pete spoke about how we can use bubbles instead of balloons to reduce the harmful impact on wildlife, particularly sea birds. We had no idea that balloons would affect animals in that way. We liked how he spoke about the statistics and data regarding sea life in Australia as this resonated with us.

From here, we hope we can help spread the message to our broader community about the importance of bubble use over balloon use and signing up as an advocate on the Zoos Victoria website. We will aim to put posters around the school and advertise this on our website to raise awareness and support this worthwhile initiative.

We thank Judith, her accomplices, as well as Pete and Gigi from Zoos Victoria, for coming to Berwick Chase and help us understand that we CAN make a difference! We will keep spreading the word until everyone listens.

By Hunter, Genevieve and Isabelle


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