Father’s Day breakfast in 3-4EF

Today students from 3/4EF held a special Father’s Day Breakfast to celebrate their Dads and Grandparents.

“I felt really excited about having my Dad come into the classroom to have breakfast and complete a fun activity with me. But… it was also embarrassing having him there! He kept watching me and was cracking bad dad jokes, which of course no-one laughed at! There were lots of dads drinking tea and coffee and heaps of dads with beards! All the dads in the room looked amazed by all the food that our teachers had prepared. All of us students really enjoyed having our dads into the classroom to have breakfast with us. I hope all the dads had fun as well! Happy Father’s Day.” – from a student in 3-4EF


Father's Day (2)20160902_080343 (2)


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