5/6A Information Report writing

Have a look at what 5/6A wrote today in small groups! We then put it all together to create this awesome Information Report! 

Berwick Chase Primary School (BCPS) is a state school located in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It is an ever growing and evolving school with over 890 students currently enrolled.


Although Berwick Chase only originated in 2008, it has grown to be one of the largest primary schools in the south eastern suburbs. Starting with 150 students, it will soon expand to an estimated amount of 1000 students. Berwick Chase started construction in 2008. The buildings are still growing, even now in 2017. The founding principal of the Chase, Murray Geddes has since been succeeded by the current principal, Chris Short. This school has grown so much and is still thriving with success.

People that shape our school

Berwick Chase has beautiful and loving staff with positive personalities. There are many different roles to play that staff handle every single day. These include receptionists, head office, teachers, specialists, first aid, and aides. These unique people make the students feel like they’re at home with their great support (especially Mrs Paulet and Mrs Henwood). Without doubt, the staff at Berwick Chase always have a heart to spare to all students in the school. Their hearts are full of pure loving gold!


Most schools have a uniform to show pride and respect. This is no exception to Berwick Chase. From Prep to grade 5, the uniforms are navy with a hint of light blue and white writing with a red patch. Grade Sixes have a slight difference in the uniform because it is their last year. The uniform makes Berwick Chase students stand out and feel respectful and respected.


B.C.P.S has lots of unique and enjoyable subjects in store for every single one of its students. Subjects such as Performing Arts and Art are able to bring out the inner creativeness in the students, whereas subjects like P.E/Sport focus on the physical development and the fitness of each individual student. Subjects like science help improve the students’ general knowledge. Berwick Chase’s subjects are sure to put a smile on everybody’s face.


Berwick Chase hosts a lot of great events, such as Cross Country and Hoop Time. Not all events are sporting events, though. There are a range of events that cater for non-athletic interests of students at the school, too. These include: Mad Day and Code club. Due to all of the events, children love Berwick Chase for the school that it is; fun and interactive!

Getting around the Chase

Berwick Chase P.S consists of a modern day theme due to its 21st Century construction. There are numerous portables scattered on the property surrounding the main building, which adds a special touch. The grade 5/6’s are in portables towards the front right of the building; the 3/4’s are located towards the back of the school; and the 1/2’s and Preps are located in the main building. With a wide expanse of buildings and a beautiful natural environment around, Berwick Chase students are very fortunate.

School atmosphere

At Berwick Chase, students and teachers make an effort to create a caring, learning community. Students are very inclusive, always trying to include different people from different cultures. This is a really strong quality at Berwick Chase. Students at Berwick Chase influence happy and positive behaviour of each other, which creates happy students. Their environment is a happy learning atmosphere, where kids can learn and grow.


Berwick Chase is commended for having outstandingly well behaved students and utterly amazing and persistent teachers. The key students, the grade 5/6’s, help all of the younger students in the school with their essential school work. This leads to having well behaved school community. As for the teachers, they are known for their kindness and their way of teaching. Thus, all people who work there have a fantastic reputation.


There are many positive reasons why parents choose to send their children to Berwick Chase Primary School. These include: the positive reports students receive from their teachers as well as the humble leaders of the school. Students are taught to show resilience which is a main part of the school, as well as to respect one another. Students and teachers have always been taught to harbour positive qualities all throughout Berwick Chase.

Areas for improvement

As there are positives with Berwick Chase, there are also areas of improvement. To begin with, the gates at Berwick Chase are almost always open and some bars are damaged. People can easily access our school from an open lock. However, students stay well away and know to inform yard duty teachers (who are like guards!) of any unfamiliar guests in the school. In addition to this, the school policy needs to be stricter. For example, encouraging students not to wear jewellery or nail polish because it is unacceptable. Though, the teachers are regularly reminding students and asking them to take ownership of the school’s uniform.

In conclusion, Berwick Chase Primary School is a unique and amazing educational community that helps each individual grow to become their best self.

By 5/6A


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