3/4D’s Experience at the Athletics Clinic

On the 4th of May 3/4D participated in an Athletics Clinic run by Little Athletics. Our instructor Karlie, taught us what we need to know for Athletics such as shotput, triple jump and relay races.

Triple Jump

In triple jump we learned the three basic steps hop, skip and jump we also learnt that you have to start on the white line. To learn how to do triple jump we had a go at doing hop, skip and jump in the coloured hoops.



In shotput, Karlie gave us all bean bags and she put coloured hoops in front of the teams. If we got it over the yellow line we get 10 points, if we get it in the hoop we get 20 points and if you get it over the white halfway line you get 30 points.

IMG_4886  IMG_4878 IMG_4874

Relay Races

In relay racing one person in each team had to run to the end of the court. For the next person to go, the person running had to high five the next person in line and the first team to run once and sit down wins!

IMG_4828 IMG_4833little aths 3 little aths 2


We all had fun and enjoyed our experience!

3/4D had a spectacular morning at the clinic!

By Methasha and Saanvi

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